Friday, October 22, 2010

20GB PS3 price cut 16% support for HDMI

Tokyo Game Show, the Sony Corporation held a press conference the first time. SCE president Ken Kutaragi gave a speech entitled "PS3 to create the next generation of entertainment," the speech and answered questions. We take a look at the main content of this conference.

He developed the game makers as production lags behind PS3 losses, said his team was in full swing to ensure that no longer have any delays. But the clever avoidance of the reporter's question about if they would bounce.

As the exchange rate issue, PS3 price in Europe will be higher. In response to questions he said "20GB of the PS3 will also support HDMI output, and price cuts 9,000 yen, in Japan, the price will be lower than 50,000 yen." After final confirmation, PS3 20GB hard drive version of the Japanese market, the proposed price of 49,980 yen, 59,800 yen more than the initial price reduction of about 16.4%.

Network capabilities will allow gamers and developers to achieve communication, players can even develop their own content and comments directly communicated to the developer.

Folding @ Home system allows players to PS3 is idle for the community, to contribute to the cause of human health.

Kutaragi built on the IBM supercomputer using the Cell processor is very happy news.

In the Japanese market, PS3 will be in public places, to achieve a similar form of mobile payment arcade.

PS3 network capabilities to achieve a similar YouTube video upload functionality.

Sony and the developers are working closely together to develop more network functionality and network capabilities to develop pricing strategy.

PS3 will include simulator, Megadrive and the pc-engine game to talk to the network to download.

Small game from the start, PS3 will be completely dependent on the network rather than the CD-ROM to run the game.

Network capabilities will support the complete player exchange program similar to the browser built into the PS3.

Short period of time, CD sales and Internet downloads games will co-exist, although the trend of the future is completely downloaded games, but the game still does not allow the capacity and network bandwidth so idealistic.

So far, a total of 15,000 models PS and PS2 games.

GT HD such as virtual reality technology has broad prospects, GT developers and manufacturers reportedly are preparing to cooperate in the placement of vehicles in real simulation system.

TGS will show that more than 200 real machine for the PS3 demo.

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From gray to color: The Breakthrough identification documents

In recent years, China's accelerated urbanization, increasing population movement, a social security identification documents to prevent a major issue. Especially in hotels, hospitals, Internet cafes, security and other industries, the rapid identification of the extraction of identity documents is imperative. After the original document management manual input stage, now has entered the digital management stage, and the transition to color from gray-scale scan scanning phase. Staff ID card scanner only can keep relevant information quickly and safely, saving a lot of time.

The early management of digital documents

Early use of manual entry, document management in the false starts. Even on a pair of piercing eyes mixing, mistakes are bound to judge so, "Li Gui," bugger off from under the eyelids. In addition, the manual input has not been able to collect information about documents, which have affected the efficiency of follow-up.

Since the 80's the great development of OCR technology in China, the documents identify quickly into the digital management. In 2003, based on the advanced technology of Tsinghua TH-OCR, Beijing Wen Tong Information Co., Ltd. for ID identification, pioneered the development of ID card scanning identification system - "E test pass", and various praise. Since then, Hanwang technology relevant domestic enterprises have invested research and development. Grayscale scan product appearance, making identification of the work ID to become fast, accurate, efficient, and greatly improved efficiency.

However, with the use of second-generation ID card, has revealed his past shortcomings of identification documents. Experts have pointed out, the current use of gray scale scanning identification documents, identity cards will be marked on the official seal and all the security filter, identity preserved the original image only through OCR technology video piracy only and is not a legitimate basis for more not as a formal network of real-name system an important step in the process. In addition, the gray scale scanning the narrow scope of products, limited to identity a kind of identification documents, other documents do nothing.

Color Scan to document management easy

In recent years, China's telecommunications industry by leaps and bounds, but also suffering against the false documents, the networks lack of necessary identification equipment led some unscrupulous persons use of false documents to apply for and carry out malicious escape Fei Ye Wu, therefore the communications industry, the introduction of real names and identification of account holders to conduct on-site verification is imperative.

Recently, Wen Tong has developed AVA6 (Combo) ID card identification system will not only upgrade the previous scans the gray color scanning, color image capture to complete as legal information, the digital identification documents to obtain work in the new breakthrough. It is understood, AVA6 ID card identification systems with information collection, information received, dispatched a warning, announced management, system management functions. Business in the new account opening process, the operators in obtaining the documents information, through the Ministry of Public Security ID Card Service Centre to verify the authenticity of evidence, so as to prevent "false account" phenomenon.

Recognition outside the need "recognition"

Document recognition technology is constantly upgrading, to address the growing needs of industry users, and therefore popular. However, not all of the documents identify the product can keep up with the pace of the times. The documents currently on the market flooded with a lot of recognition products, but many are obsolete, like the early anti-virus software can not meet the new demands. According to expert analysis, this is mainly embodied in hardware and software separation, as a large number currently on the market labeled "Wentong information" technology

Operation of the product, not the actual text of the new communications technology. It is understood that, in July 2006 before the text message through a number of companies have been frequent and cooperation, for various reasons since the software is no longer authorized. Therefore, only later after Wentong authorized documents identifying information products, is the text through the latest technology products. Others like "old wine in new bottled installed" software technology which is still the old version, without any upgrades. In addition, it should be noted, many domestic related products are OEM products are also the same can not be upgraded, in particular, on which the software technology needed to do some source of "identification." More than one pair of eyes and to date more than a digital management experience.

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PERA2009: "Made in China" the "engine"

----- PERA PERA launched a new version of Lean R & D platform

October 22, 2009, lean R & D leader, the nation's largest supplier of CAE technology PERA (PERA Global) announced the official launch of Lean R & D platform PERA2009 version. This is completely independent intellectual property rights, living in the world's leading platform for products, not only filled a gap in this area, providing a standard platform for research and development process standards, more Chinese manufacturers to provide independent research and development and innovation a "weapon."

According to reports, PERA2009 lean development methodology is based on the information into a means to lean R & D bus for the co-performance products for enterprises, provide conceptual design to product production from the whole process of research and development collaboration platform. It summarized and refined the system of modern enterprise product development process, the elements, forming a company can comply with the R & D processes and rules, and that process should be adopted by all sectors of development tools, and the whole process should be the accumulation of intellectual assets.

Security World Asia-Pacific president, Mr Cheung said: "PERA2009 deliver on the security world from the Asia-Pacific independent research adhere to business practices, commitment to return to business practice. On the World Asia-Pacific from the methodological point of view, and users to design business plans and software support strategy, and then developed to support the software platform. methodology described here is not the software methodology, but the methodology of the user object. PERA2009 in the development, it does not immediately begin to compile the code, but returned to the user The most primitive needs, business methodology from a user starting to help them develop model innovation, which can enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness play a real role in supporting, we believe that this development is the independent research and development, R & D out The technology is the real core technology. "

Lean R & D platform as the successful implementation of the user, Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute of quarter Xiaoguang said: "An Asia-Pacific provided the world the concept of lean R & D, technology and platform, my team and information technology R & D team is recognized. After nine months of Shi Shi, lean R & D platform, a large-scale, integrated, complex the system Zai I have successfully run, 骞朵笖 exceeds our expectations, the Rang us on Jingyi Yanfapingtai and Yasuyo Yataigongsi Du Chong Man Le confidence . As users, we are willing to join the Asia-Pacific security world, and more users, common to the whole Chinese aviation industry to develop useful technology industry to a higher stage. "

For a long time, computer-aided software is regarded as independent research and development and innovation of Chinese enterprises an important tool that can significantly improve the enterprise's core competitiveness, promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry gradually, from a 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' by leaps and bounds. Therefore, software has become a domestic industry development and support of the Chinese government stressed the important areas. An independent research and development of Lean World Asia-Pacific R & D platform as the major force of China's industrial software industry and has broad prospects for development.

Experts predict lean R & D will help the "Made in China" into "Made in China" the new hope is to promote and build China an innovative country, to improve our software and equipment manufacturing capacity to support the industry to upgrade, especially for the current financial crisis States under several key development sectors, for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises play a real role in supporting. Meanwhile, the practice shows that the Asia-Pacific Security Studies World Lean methodology has been developed a lot of user acceptance, and lean R & D platform PERA2009 also won the trust of customers. Security Pacific will continue to focus on the World Lean R & D in the development and innovation, becoming the global leader in this field who Tongshi 浼佷笟 for China to provide greater creative force.

It is reported that, PERA 2009 is the official product launch platform PERA received 42 million dollars of Baring Private Equity Asia's first major move after. Mr Cheung said the Security World Asia-Pacific will focus on high-end research and development of information technology development and innovation, to become a global leader in this field, but also for Chinese companies to provide more powerful driving force of innovation.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Additional team bonus, energy stimulate team

For the marketing team to set the salary system has been discussed for many businesses and headache. If you set a good, you can play a small but powerful chain of effects; if the set is not good, then make the team lifeless, unable to inspire the team dynamic. Now many companies marketing team to set the salary system is generally base salary plus bonus or commission, the basic salary is fixed, while the bonus and commission rate of or are based on sales or profits to reach the floating state. and bonus calculations are set according to some formula, the higher non- the right to determine the distribution of lower bonuses. This is just the hardware evaluation of the marketing team, while the team's cohesion. discipline. team building. execution so they can not use money in the form of assessment. and so it was a blind spot of the assessment team.
So how in the form of bonus marketing team at the same time evaluation of hardware and software, the maximum excitation team dynamic? I believe that the marketing team can effectively set up the team prize to solve this problem. Specifically as follows:
1. Establish the marketing team in various positions in the base of the team bonuses, such as 500 yuan, director of marketing; marketing manager for 400 yuan; marketing director or the Office of the Director of 300 yuan; marketers 200 yuan.
2. Determine the marketing team of software assessment indicators.
3. All the hardware assessment targets marketers pay staff bonuses based on the formula, but the team bonus pay not to be directly calculated.
4. After the end of monthly appraisal software by a higher index based on lower-level team to determine the distribution of bonuses, and pay staff salaries. Should be emphasized that higher levels can only determine the distribution of direct subordinates of the team prize, not leapfrog distribution. Such as marketing general manager only director of marketing team can determine the distribution of bonus, but can not determine distribution, marketing manager of the team bonuses, and so on.
Note: 1. Bonus percentage of total team prize too hard to 5% to 15% more appropriate. If the ratio is too large, it will lead marketers money floating base is too large, is not conducive to marketing team stable and prone to fraud and bribery marketing management phenomena, but the ratio is not easy too low, the ratio is too low there will not achieve the purpose of the assessment team of software.
2. Despite the higher level team can leapfrog to the distribution of bonuses, but the monitor has a responsibility and obligation, once the lower levels found lower in the distribution of bonus among the team of serious anomaly should be ordered to lower-level explanation and correction.
3. To avoid the marketing managers in the allocation of bonuses to team appeared''to do good "for the average distribution of the phenomenon.
This bonus can also be used to set system to other departments, specific methods and issues can refer to the above methods and issues.

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Initiate an instance of DB2 table space to explain

Table space is stored in the database and the database logic layer between the tables. Table space created in the database, table space created in the table.

Use the table space is a clear advantage to a reasonable distribution of the data stored in different disk or stored in different locations on the disk to help improve data access efficiency.

DB2 table space by way of management is divided into two types: system management space (System Management Space, SMS) and database management space (Database Management Space, DMS).

Divided by type: rules table space, a large object table space, system temporary table space, the user temporary table space.

Rules contained in user data table space table. The default user table space named USERSPACE1, the index is also stored in the rule table space, additional system catalog table is also on the rules table space. Default system catalog table space named SYSCATSPACE.

Temporary table space is divided into system temporary table space and user temporary table space.

System temporary table space used to store various data manipulation (sorting, re-table, create index, connection tables) in the internal temporary data required, although you can create any number of system temporary table space, but recommends that users only use most of the table used to create a page size, the default system temporary table space named TEMPSPACE1.

User temporary table space used to store the global temporary table shows (note the global temporary table has been stored in the application temporary data). User temporary table space is not created by default when the database was created.

SMS is the operating system for each container file space in a directory; DMS each container is a fixed, pre-allocated file, or a physical device.

SMS management is relatively simple, automated management by the operating system, the size of space changes with the amount of data automatically adjusted.

DMS is managed by the database, the space created when the OK, space is not enough time to manually add or delete some data to free space.

In most cases, DMS performance better than SMS.

Using the command line to create a simple SMS table space syntax:


Example One: In Windows, create a SMS table space:
CREATE TABLESPACE RESOURCE MANAGED BY SYSTEM USING (''d: acc_tbsp'','' e: acc_tbsp'','' f: acc_tbsp'')
Complete results of the D, E, F three disk name acc_tbsp create three folders, each folder has a name SQLTAG.NAM the following file.

Example Two: Remove case of an SMS table space is created:
End run this command, the corresponding table space will be removed from the DB2 registry, but the three folders on the disk still needs to manually remove.

Using the command line to create DMS table space, a simple syntax:

Example Three: In Windows, to create a DMS table space, using their two 5,000-page file container:
CREATE TABLESPACE RESOURCE MANAGED BY DATABASE USING (FILE''d: db2dataacc_tbsp''5000, FILE''e: db2dataacc_tbsp''5000)
Operation results are as follows: in D, E db2data disk folder The following creates a file named acc_tbsp, large and small, to 20000K (default page size is 4K).

Example Four: In the case of three to create the table space to add a container:
ALTER TABLESPACE RESOURCE ADD (FILE''f: db2dataacc_tbsp''5000)
Results of the operation in the RESOURCE table space consists of three containers (files): d: db2dataacc_tbsp, e: db2dataacc_tbsp, f: db2dataacc_tbsp.

Example Five: The RESIZE clause to change the case of three to create the table space container size:
ALTER TABLESPACE RESOURCE RESIZE (file''d: db2dataacc_tbsp''8000, file''e: db2dataacc_tbsp''8000, file f: db2dataacc_tbsp''8000) for each container (file) size into 8000. The bigger the capacity of the container will not be wrong, but if the container has been filled with data, then reduce the capacity of the container will cause an error.

Cases 6: The case of 3 EXTEND clause to change the table space to create the size of the container:
ALTER TABLESPACE RESOURCE EXTEND (file''d: db2dataacc_tbsp''1000, file''e: db2dataacc_tbsp''1000, file''f: db2dataacc_tbsp''1000)
Operating results of the order based on the original capacity, each container to increase 1000.

Cases 7: Delete the case of three created in DMS table space:
The result of running in the DB2 registry to remove the RESOURCE table space, while the disk to the corresponding folders and files are automatically deleted together.

Eight cases: in UNIX to create a DMS table space, use of each of the three logical volumes 10000:
CREATE TABLESPACE RESOURCE MANAGED BY DATABASE USING (DEVICE''/ dev/rdblv6''10000, DEVICE''/ dev/rdblv7''10000, DEVICE''/ dev/rdblv8''10000)

The above mentioned statement UNIX device must already exist, and the instance owner and SYSADM group must be able to write them.
Comparison of SMS and DMS
Characteristics of SMS DMS
Table space can be dynamically increased the number of containers you N Y be able to index data stored in the table in different table spaces you N Y be able to store large object data to a different table space table, you N Y table can be distributed to multiple storage a table space, you N Y only need to allocate space when you Y N table space can be placed on different disks you Y N created, you can change the block size N N

Cases 9: Creating a system temporary table space:
System temporary table can only be stored in the system temporary table space, so the database must always have at least one system temporary table space.

Case of 10: create a user temporary table space:
CREATE USER TEMPORARY TABLESPACE usr_tbsp MANAGED BY DATABASE USING (FILE 'd: db2datauser_tbsp' 5000, FILE 'e: db2datauser_tbsp' 5000)
User temporary table space to store the description of the temporary table (DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE statement using the definition)

Case of 11: Using RENAME statement to rename table space:
With the statement to rename table space, will automatically change all references to the table space, catalog records, so no need to care about the table space in the individual objects.

Case of 12: In the RESOURCE table space to create a table named T1:

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Happiness RM to DVD

Happiness RM to DVD is the best RealMedia converter software. easy convert Real Media files(.rm, .rmvb) to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD files. convert RM/RMVB to AVI DIVX XVID MPEG VCD SVCD DVD and burn to DVD/CD. You can change the codec/system type to PAL or NTSC, and adjust the video size of the output files . It supports to convert almost all video, such as: RM to AVI, RM to DIVX XVID, RM to MPEG-1, RM to MPEG-2, RM to WMV, RM to VCD, RM to DVD, RM to PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video...

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