Friday, October 22, 2010

20GB PS3 price cut 16% support for HDMI

Tokyo Game Show, the Sony Corporation held a press conference the first time. SCE president Ken Kutaragi gave a speech entitled "PS3 to create the next generation of entertainment," the speech and answered questions. We take a look at the main content of this conference.

He developed the game makers as production lags behind PS3 losses, said his team was in full swing to ensure that no longer have any delays. But the clever avoidance of the reporter's question about if they would bounce.

As the exchange rate issue, PS3 price in Europe will be higher. In response to questions he said "20GB of the PS3 will also support HDMI output, and price cuts 9,000 yen, in Japan, the price will be lower than 50,000 yen." After final confirmation, PS3 20GB hard drive version of the Japanese market, the proposed price of 49,980 yen, 59,800 yen more than the initial price reduction of about 16.4%.

Network capabilities will allow gamers and developers to achieve communication, players can even develop their own content and comments directly communicated to the developer.

Folding @ Home system allows players to PS3 is idle for the community, to contribute to the cause of human health.

Kutaragi built on the IBM supercomputer using the Cell processor is very happy news.

In the Japanese market, PS3 will be in public places, to achieve a similar form of mobile payment arcade.

PS3 network capabilities to achieve a similar YouTube video upload functionality.

Sony and the developers are working closely together to develop more network functionality and network capabilities to develop pricing strategy.

PS3 will include simulator, Megadrive and the pc-engine game to talk to the network to download.

Small game from the start, PS3 will be completely dependent on the network rather than the CD-ROM to run the game.

Network capabilities will support the complete player exchange program similar to the browser built into the PS3.

Short period of time, CD sales and Internet downloads games will co-exist, although the trend of the future is completely downloaded games, but the game still does not allow the capacity and network bandwidth so idealistic.

So far, a total of 15,000 models PS and PS2 games.

GT HD such as virtual reality technology has broad prospects, GT developers and manufacturers reportedly are preparing to cooperate in the placement of vehicles in real simulation system.

TGS will show that more than 200 real machine for the PS3 demo.

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