Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PERA2009: "Made in China" the "engine"

----- PERA PERA launched a new version of Lean R & D platform

October 22, 2009, lean R & D leader, the nation's largest supplier of CAE technology PERA (PERA Global) announced the official launch of Lean R & D platform PERA2009 version. This is completely independent intellectual property rights, living in the world's leading platform for products, not only filled a gap in this area, providing a standard platform for research and development process standards, more Chinese manufacturers to provide independent research and development and innovation a "weapon."

According to reports, PERA2009 lean development methodology is based on the information into a means to lean R & D bus for the co-performance products for enterprises, provide conceptual design to product production from the whole process of research and development collaboration platform. It summarized and refined the system of modern enterprise product development process, the elements, forming a company can comply with the R & D processes and rules, and that process should be adopted by all sectors of development tools, and the whole process should be the accumulation of intellectual assets.

Security World Asia-Pacific president, Mr Cheung said: "PERA2009 deliver on the security world from the Asia-Pacific independent research adhere to business practices, commitment to return to business practice. On the World Asia-Pacific from the methodological point of view, and users to design business plans and software support strategy, and then developed to support the software platform. methodology described here is not the software methodology, but the methodology of the user object. PERA2009 in the development, it does not immediately begin to compile the code, but returned to the user The most primitive needs, business methodology from a user starting to help them develop model innovation, which can enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness play a real role in supporting, we believe that this development is the independent research and development, R & D out The technology is the real core technology. "

Lean R & D platform as the successful implementation of the user, Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute of quarter Xiaoguang said: "An Asia-Pacific provided the world the concept of lean R & D, technology and platform, my team and information technology R & D team is recognized. After nine months of Shi Shi, lean R & D platform, a large-scale, integrated, complex the system Zai I have successfully run, 骞朵笖 exceeds our expectations, the Rang us on Jingyi Yanfapingtai and Yasuyo Yataigongsi Du Chong Man Le confidence . As users, we are willing to join the Asia-Pacific security world, and more users, common to the whole Chinese aviation industry to develop useful technology industry to a higher stage. "

For a long time, computer-aided software is regarded as independent research and development and innovation of Chinese enterprises an important tool that can significantly improve the enterprise's core competitiveness, promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry gradually, from a 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' by leaps and bounds. Therefore, software has become a domestic industry development and support of the Chinese government stressed the important areas. An independent research and development of Lean World Asia-Pacific R & D platform as the major force of China's industrial software industry and has broad prospects for development.

Experts predict lean R & D will help the "Made in China" into "Made in China" the new hope is to promote and build China an innovative country, to improve our software and equipment manufacturing capacity to support the industry to upgrade, especially for the current financial crisis States under several key development sectors, for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises play a real role in supporting. Meanwhile, the practice shows that the Asia-Pacific Security Studies World Lean methodology has been developed a lot of user acceptance, and lean R & D platform PERA2009 also won the trust of customers. Security Pacific will continue to focus on the World Lean R & D in the development and innovation, becoming the global leader in this field who Tongshi 浼佷笟 for China to provide greater creative force.

It is reported that, PERA 2009 is the official product launch platform PERA received 42 million dollars of Baring Private Equity Asia's first major move after. Mr Cheung said the Security World Asia-Pacific will focus on high-end research and development of information technology development and innovation, to become a global leader in this field, but also for Chinese companies to provide more powerful driving force of innovation.


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