Monday, October 18, 2010

From gray to color: The Breakthrough identification documents

In recent years, China's accelerated urbanization, increasing population movement, a social security identification documents to prevent a major issue. Especially in hotels, hospitals, Internet cafes, security and other industries, the rapid identification of the extraction of identity documents is imperative. After the original document management manual input stage, now has entered the digital management stage, and the transition to color from gray-scale scan scanning phase. Staff ID card scanner only can keep relevant information quickly and safely, saving a lot of time.

The early management of digital documents

Early use of manual entry, document management in the false starts. Even on a pair of piercing eyes mixing, mistakes are bound to judge so, "Li Gui," bugger off from under the eyelids. In addition, the manual input has not been able to collect information about documents, which have affected the efficiency of follow-up.

Since the 80's the great development of OCR technology in China, the documents identify quickly into the digital management. In 2003, based on the advanced technology of Tsinghua TH-OCR, Beijing Wen Tong Information Co., Ltd. for ID identification, pioneered the development of ID card scanning identification system - "E test pass", and various praise. Since then, Hanwang technology relevant domestic enterprises have invested research and development. Grayscale scan product appearance, making identification of the work ID to become fast, accurate, efficient, and greatly improved efficiency.

However, with the use of second-generation ID card, has revealed his past shortcomings of identification documents. Experts have pointed out, the current use of gray scale scanning identification documents, identity cards will be marked on the official seal and all the security filter, identity preserved the original image only through OCR technology video piracy only and is not a legitimate basis for more not as a formal network of real-name system an important step in the process. In addition, the gray scale scanning the narrow scope of products, limited to identity a kind of identification documents, other documents do nothing.

Color Scan to document management easy

In recent years, China's telecommunications industry by leaps and bounds, but also suffering against the false documents, the networks lack of necessary identification equipment led some unscrupulous persons use of false documents to apply for and carry out malicious escape Fei Ye Wu, therefore the communications industry, the introduction of real names and identification of account holders to conduct on-site verification is imperative.

Recently, Wen Tong has developed AVA6 (Combo) ID card identification system will not only upgrade the previous scans the gray color scanning, color image capture to complete as legal information, the digital identification documents to obtain work in the new breakthrough. It is understood, AVA6 ID card identification systems with information collection, information received, dispatched a warning, announced management, system management functions. Business in the new account opening process, the operators in obtaining the documents information, through the Ministry of Public Security ID Card Service Centre to verify the authenticity of evidence, so as to prevent "false account" phenomenon.

Recognition outside the need "recognition"

Document recognition technology is constantly upgrading, to address the growing needs of industry users, and therefore popular. However, not all of the documents identify the product can keep up with the pace of the times. The documents currently on the market flooded with a lot of recognition products, but many are obsolete, like the early anti-virus software can not meet the new demands. According to expert analysis, this is mainly embodied in hardware and software separation, as a large number currently on the market labeled "Wentong information" technology

Operation of the product, not the actual text of the new communications technology. It is understood that, in July 2006 before the text message through a number of companies have been frequent and cooperation, for various reasons since the software is no longer authorized. Therefore, only later after Wentong authorized documents identifying information products, is the text through the latest technology products. Others like "old wine in new bottled installed" software technology which is still the old version, without any upgrades. In addition, it should be noted, many domestic related products are OEM products are also the same can not be upgraded, in particular, on which the software technology needed to do some source of "identification." More than one pair of eyes and to date more than a digital management experience.

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